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  • Didn't feel in control of her life.
  • She was pleasing everyone
  • Had problems with self-esteem and self-love,
  • She didn't put herself first in life.
  • Experienced fear of expression and didn't believe she was worthy of the best.
  • Was afraid to assert her desires and needs.
  • Thought love had to be earned and couldn't be loved by birthright.
  • Didn't feel free.

  • Clearly expressed and formulated her request and found a solution to the problem.
  • Got inspired and set clear goals for the near future and beyond.
  • Came in without energy, but left with energy, faith in herself,
self-love, and clear goals.
  • Realized that life should be enjoyable, and everything should be
done with pleasure.
  • Stopped being afraid to assert her desires and needs.
  • Learned to show self-love and realized that self-love doesn't need
to be earned, but it's a birthright.
  • Started feeling freedom and the understanding that any action can
be performed with pleasure.

As a result, we conducted a photo-therapy session with the client, which helped her see herself through different eyes, increase her self-esteem, and consolidate the changes. Now, after our work, she has posted her photos on a dating website and men just can't stop writing to her. Men she is interested in and who are interested in her are on a completely different level, they want to build serious relationships and admire the fact that she has a child.

2 months of 1:1 mindset coaching

body & soul photoshoot therapy

  • Anesthesiologist
  • Recently divorced
  • Neglected her emotions and feelings
  • Lacked confidence in herself and her appearance

  • Fashion model
  • Featured on lots of magazine covers
  • Times Square billboard
  • Interviews
  • Confident in herself and her appearance
  • Embracing her unique identity
  • Recognized her beauty beyond physical appearance
  • Going to New York Fashion Week

After the first photoshoot with me, Lina realized that she needed to start taking more opportunities to make her life the way she wanted it. She began to feel more confident and started paying more attention to herself.

Over the course of five photoshoots, she gained even more confidence and realized her own unique beauty. She started appearing on magazine covers and even on a Times Square billboard. Model agency signed her and she works professionally as a model

body & soul photoshoot therapy